'Redmond's haunting score... dark and unpredictable'

-  Lot's Wife

Alisha Redmond is a swiftly emerging composer and pianist based in regional Victoria. 

She is known for producing expressive, ethereal works that are influenced by her classical background and the surrounding landscapes where she grew up in Seaview, West Gippsland. Intrigued by the cyclic forms of the surrounding environment and how they are reflected within the constant tides of human emotion, Alisha’s music is vivid, sensitive, and introspective. 

This year Alisha was awarded a grant from Regional Arts Victoria and Creative Victoria to release Regermination: a collection of art songs that explore a mindful immersion in nature. 

In 2021, Alisha was selected for Halcyon’s vocal writing intensive First Stones with composer-mentor Elliot Gyger.

Having composed orchestral and pop music for theatre and film, Alisha specialises in collaborating closely with directors and writers to help shape their musical ideas and develop scores of a high calibre. In 2015, Alisha received the JMC Academy Martini Award for Best Musical Score for Knights of the Old Republic: Rescue Mission, a short film selected for the Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival in 2018.

Completing a double Bachelor in Music/Performing Arts at Monash University in 2012, Alisha currently teaches Drama, Composition and Piano both privately and at St. Paul’s Anglican Grammar School of Warragul, Victoria.