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tsythema:amethyst (2022)

For solo bass-baritone voice. Composed for Andrew O'Connor in conjunction with Halcyon's First Stones Vocal Writing Intensive Program. 

Duration: 2' (approx.)

A response to the poem 'A Jelly-Fish' by Marianne Moore, this piece explores water obscuring our vision, making objects or creatures seem more other- worldly due to the refractions of light. I was drawn to reverse certain words of the text to reflect this distortion, not only of what may be perceived through waters, but also of the esoteric nature of human dreams and desires. tsyhtema:amethyst is a lament for something that is just out of reach.

emerge (2021)

For solo piano.

Duration: 5' (approx)

This piece seeks to inspire the feeling of regermination: growth and awakening after a period of dormancy. With tangible images in mind such as the unfurling of a new fern leaf or the sprouting of a young flower, this piece combines elements of the natural world and the human experience as it celebrates a ressurection of one's own purpose and a sense of assuredness that they are on the right path.

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