Regermination: Songs of Solace and Renewal in the Australian Landscape (2021)
A Prelude to Nostalgia
Leaving The Nest (Song Cycle)
       1. Jitter Cry
       2. Aquila Audax
       3. Silver Shrike
Grand Ridge 
Starry Night 

To be premiered in full with Ensemble Volante, live in concert with four shows across Victoria, including a special live streamed performance.

Album to be released in June 2022 through MOVE Records, Melbourne.

Sustaining Creative Workers Initiative is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria.

Gravitas (2018)

Written for short film Venture, written and directed by Michael Irwin of Valiant Film Company


This work was developed in collaboration with electronic producer Alka Lines, who manipulated the sorrowful echoes of Alisha's piano chords into an all-encompassing wall of sound, reflecting the burden carried by the main character.

So Your Kid’s A Homo (2016)

For vocals and acoustic guitar

Written for the short film So Your Kid’s A Homo, written and directed by Angela Belot


A comical and heartwarming story of a 16 year old girl coming out to her parents. Alisha crafted the soundtrack to echo the protagonist's gentle and grounded personality.


Vocals performed by Alisha and guitar performed by Kumar Shome.

Knights of the Old Republic: Rescue Mission (2015)

Soundtrack to the eponymous short film, directed by Dean Musumeci and Michael Irwin of Valiant Film Company

Winner of the 2015 Martini Awards: Best Musical Score

Performed by members of the Australian and Asian Orchestra alongside others, conducted by Robert Dora

  1. Planet Alderaan

  2. The Mission

  3. The Ambush

  4. Revan

  5. Save the Day

  6. The Old Republic


Tracks 1, 4 and 6 are arrangements and adaptations of themes taken from various scenes of the Knights of the Old Republic franchise. Composers of these themes include Jeremy Soule, Mark Griskey and Gordy Haab. Knights of the Old Republic is a non profit fan film made for entertainment purposes only.

It’s Alright, Sid It’s Alright: (2013)

Soundtrack to the eponymous theatre production, written by Jess Stanley


The four actors in this play embody different combinations of characters to explore the depths and limitations of human connection.


Written for solo piano, performed by Alisha

  1. opening: it’s alright, sid it’s alright

  2. julia and jenny

  3. mimi and daniel

  4. mimi and daniel, nancy and ritchie

  5. stuart and jaimie, claire and tyson

For solo piano, performed by Alisha


This work was written in Alisha's final year of university and explored the concept of music being communicated as a form of language. The piece was inspired by a particular scene of the play ‘The Pillowman’ by Martin McDonagh in mind, and is paired with a video of the text appearing alongside the score. This was presented in a live setting experiment, where the audience heard the music firstly without the visual cues of the text and were asked to write down moods or responses they felt upon hearing the music. They then were asked to write their responses after seeing the music in combination with the text. Alisha collated the responses and documented the differences.